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Chick Fil A Catering
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Planning the perfect menu for your event can be a daunting task. Chick-Fil-A offers comprehensive catering services designed to simplify this process and enhance your gathering. In this guide, we’ll explore the Chick-Fil-A Catering Menu and provide a detailed Price Guide to help you make informed decisions.

Why Choose Chick-Fil-A Catering?

Chick-Fil-A’s catering services are known for their quality and variety. Whether you’re hosting a corporate meeting, family reunion, or social gathering, having a well-thought-out menu is crucial. Chick-Fil-A caters to diverse tastes with an array of options that can satisfy any crowd.

Explore Chick-Fil-A’s extensive catering menu options—from hearty breakfast items to delicious entrees, refreshing salads, and indulgent treats. We will break down each category, highlight popular choices, and provide pricing details to assist in your planning.

1. Chick-Fil-A Catering Menu Options

1.1 Breakfast Menu Items

Chick-Fil-A’s catering breakfast menu offers a variety of delicious options to start your event on the right note. These items are designed to please a crowd, combining convenience with mouth-watering flavors. Here’s a breakdown of some popular choices:

Chicken Biscuit

A classic breakfast staple featuring a tender chicken fillet nestled in a freshly baked buttermilk biscuit.

  • Price: $3.99
  • Calories: 460

Spicy Chicken Biscuit

For those who prefer a little kick in their morning meal, the Spicy Chicken Biscuit offers the same delicious biscuit paired with a spicy chicken fillet.

  • Price: $3.35
  • Calories: 450

Bacon Biscuit

Crisp bacon strips sandwiched in a buttery biscuit, perfect for bacon lovers.

  • Price: $3.35
  • Calories: 340

Sausage Biscuit

A hearty option featuring a savory sausage patty in a soft, warm biscuit.

  • Price: $4.12
  • Calories: 540

Cinnamon Roll Tray

Perfect for sharing, this tray includes soft and gooey cinnamon rolls that are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Chicken-n-Minis Tray

Bite-sized nuggets placed in mini yeast rolls, brushed with honey butter spread—an ideal choice for finger food enthusiasts.

  • Small (20 pieces): $14.50
  • Large (40 pieces): $27.50 (pickup), plus an additional $6 for delivery

These breakfast items are not only tasty but also convenient for early events, ensuring everyone starts their day with something delicious and fulfilling.

Each item on the breakfast menu is crafted to deliver quality and taste, making Chick-Fil-A an excellent choice for morning gatherings. The variety ensures there is something for everyone, from savory options like the Sausage Biscuit to sweeter choices such as the Cinnamon Roll Tray.

Note: Pricing details may vary by location and availability, so it’s always best to check with your nearest Chick-Fil-A restaurant or their official website for the most accurate information.

In addition to these popular items, Chick-Fil-A also offers customizable options to suit specific dietary needs or preferences, ensuring every guest is accommodated.

By starting your event with Chick-Fil-A’s breakfast catering menu, you’re setting up your guests for an enjoyable experience that begins with great food.

1.2 Chick-Fil-A Catering Entrees Menu

The savory entrees on Chick-Fil-A’s catering menu offer a wide selection of delicious choices that can enhance any occasion. These entrees are designed to please different tastes while maintaining the excellent quality and flavor that Chick-Fil-A is famous for.

Chicken Sandwich

The classic Chicken Sandwich is a favorite among many. It consists of a breaded chicken breast, two pickles, all served on a toasted buttered bun, creating a simple yet flavorful option.

  • Pricing:
  • 10 sandwiches: $42.90
  • 25 sandwiches: $107.25
  • 50 sandwiches: $214.50

Spicy Chicken Sandwich

For those who enjoy some spiciness, the Spicy Chicken Sandwich offers the same setup as the classic version but with an added kick from spicy seasoning.

  • Pricing:
  • 10 sandwiches: $45.00
  • 25 sandwiches: $112.50
  • 50 sandwiches: $225.00

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

If you prefer a lighter option without sacrificing taste, the Grilled Chicken Sandwich is perfect for you. It features a marinated grilled chicken breast, lettuce, and tomato served on a multigrain bun.

  • Pricing:
  • 10 sandwiches: $62.90
  • 25 sandwiches: $157.25
  • 50 sandwiches: $314.50

These entrees ensure that your catering order from the Chick-Fil-A Catering Menu can meet various dietary preferences and flavor profiles, making them ideal for any event setting.

Choosing these must-try entrees will guarantee satisfaction among guests while keeping your event menu exciting and fulfilling.

1.3 Salad and Wraps Menu Choices

Salads and wraps are a lighter option on the Chick-Fil-A Catering Menu. They are perfect for those who want fresh ingredients and different flavors in their meal.

Southwest Salad

  • Small: $91.90
  • Medium: $229.75
  • Large: $459.50

The Southwest Salad has spicy grilled chicken, mixed greens, grape tomatoes, a mix of cheeses, and roasted corn kernels. It is topped with tortilla strips for some crunchiness. A creamy salsa dressing is served with it.

Grilled Market Salad

  • Small: $69.50
  • Medium: $173.75
  • Large: $347.50

Grilled Market Salad has grilled chicken breast, mixed greens, blue cheese crumbles, apples, strawberries, and blueberries. A light vinaigrette dressing adds a tangy taste to it.

Cobb Salad

  • Small: $89.90
  • Medium: $224.75
  • Large: $449.50

Cobb Salad is a filling salad that includes crispy chicken nuggets on top of mixed greens with roasted corn kernels, shredded cheese, diced bacon, sliced eggs, and grape tomatoes. It is served with an avocado lime ranch dressing.

Cool Wrap

  • Small: $72.90
  • Medium: $182.25
  • Large: $364.50

Cool Wrap consists of sliced grilled chicken breast wrapped in a flaxseed flour flatbread with green leaf lettuce and a mix of shredded cheeses (Monterey Jack and Cheddar). An avocado lime ranch dressing is provided with it.

These options on the Chick-Fil-A Catering Menu ensure there’s something for everyone when it comes to salads and wraps. Whether you’re hosting a small gathering or a large event, these refreshing choices will be well-received by guests looking for healthier alternatives without sacrificing taste.

1.4 Chick-Fil-A Catering Sides and Treats Menu Offerings

When planning your event’s catering, side dishes and treats can play a crucial role in creating a balanced and enjoyable meal. The Chick-Fil-A Catering Menu offers an array of sides and treats that are bound to satisfy your guests’ cravings.

Popular Sides

  • Waffle Potato Fries: A staple, these crispy waffle-cut fries are a crowd favorite. Priced at $1.65 per serving, they offer the perfect crispy complement to any main dish.
  • Baked Potato with Butter: For those looking for a comforting side, the baked potato comes with a generous portion of butter. At $1.75 each, it’s an affordable addition to your catering spread. If you’re looking for a healthier alternative, you could consider roasted purple sweet potatoes as well.
  • Greek Yogurt Parfait: This healthy option includes creamy Greek yogurt layered with fresh fruits and granola. Each parfait is priced at $4.75 and contains approximately 270 calories.
  • Healthy Noodle Soup: Ideal for cooler weather or as a light starter, this soup is filled with nutritious ingredients. Priced at $3.85 per serving, it’s both wholesome and satisfying. You might also be interested in exploring the Implementation Guide for Go for Green Army, which provides insights into healthier food choices.
  • Mac & Cheese: A rich and creamy option, the Mac & Cheese is sure to be a hit among guests of all ages. This comfort food comes at $3.19 per serving.

Delectable Treats

The Chick-Fil-A Catering Menu also includes sweet treats that can serve as delightful desserts or snacks.

  • Cinnamon Roll Tray: Perfect for breakfast events or as a sweet treat throughout the day, the Cinnamon Roll Tray offers soft and gooey rolls that everyone will love.

These side dishes and treats not only enhance your catering spread but also provide variety to satisfy different dietary preferences. Whether you’re hosting a corporate event, a family gathering, or any special occasion, these options from the Chick-Fil-A Catering Menu ensure that all your guests leave happy and satisfied.

By integrating these delicious sides and treats into your order, you create a well-rounded meal experience that’s both enjoyable and memorable. For further inspiration on creating menus that cater to various dietary needs, you might find helpful resources from organizations like School Meals That Rock.

1.5 Drinks Menu Choices: Chick-Fil-A Catering Menu

The Chick-Fil-A Catering Drinks Menu offers a diverse selection of beverages to complement any catering spread. Whether you need a refreshing drink for a breakfast meeting or a tasty beverage for an afternoon gathering, Chick-Fil-A has you covered.

  • Bottled Water: A simple yet essential option, bottled water is priced at $2 per bottle.
  • Lemonade: Known for its tangy and sweet flavor, the lemonade is available in gallon sizes for $12.
  • Iced Tea: Freshly brewed and unsweetened, iced tea can be ordered by the gallon for $6.25.
  • Sunjoy: A delightful blend of lemonade and iced tea, Sunjoy is available by the gallon for $10.25.
  • Orange Juice: Perfect for breakfast events, individual bottles of orange juice are priced at $2.75 each.
  • Freshly-Brewed Tea: Available by the gallon, freshly-brewed tea costs $4.50.
  • Soft Drinks: Various soft drinks are offered at $1.85 per bottle, providing multiple choices to suit different preferences.
  • Apple Juice for Kids: A kid-friendly option, apple juice comes in small bottles priced at $1.65.
  • Milk: Individual bottles of 1% milk are available for $1.65, while chocolate milk is also offered at the same price.
  • Coffee To-Go Box: Ideal for morning gatherings, this box serves multiple people and is available for $12.75.
  • Catering Coffee: Regular catering coffee is offered at a competitive price of $10.

Each beverage option on the Chick-Fil-A Catering Menu ensures that your guests have something satisfying to drink, catering to different tastes and dietary needs. This variety makes it easy to match any event’s theme or time of day with the perfect drink options.

1.6 Packaged Meals: Chick-Fil-A Catering Menu

When it comes to convenient catering options, Chick-Fil-A Catering Packaged Meals offer a hassle-free solution for events of all sizes. These meals are designed to provide a complete dining experience, making them ideal for corporate meetings, social gatherings, and family events.

Popular Choices Include:

  • Chicken Sandwich: A classic choice featuring a perfectly seasoned chicken breast served on a toasted buttered bun with dill pickle chips. Prices range from $2.49 to $9.42 depending on customization and quantity.
  • Spicy Chicken Sandwich: For those who prefer a bit of heat, this sandwich includes a spicy seasoned chicken breast. Prices range from $3.79 to $9.72.
  • Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap: This option is both healthy and delicious, featuring sliced grilled chicken breast, lettuce, shredded cabbage, and cheese wrapped in flaxseed flour flatbread. Prices range from $5.75 to $11.68.
  • Southwest Veggie Wrap: A vegetarian-friendly choice that includes mixed greens, black beans, roasted corn, and tomatoes wrapped in a tortilla. Prices range from $4.12 to $12.20.

Each packaged meal can be customized with additional sides such as a Fruit Cup, Greek Yogurt Parfait, or even the famous Waffle Potato Fries for an extra charge.

Additional Options:

  • Chilled Grilled Chicken Sub Sandwich with Chips, Fruit Cup & Cookie – Pickup: $15.50
  • Grilled Chicken Sub Sandwich with Chips, Superfood Salad – Delivery: $16.65
  • Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap with Chips, Fruit Cup & Cookie: $18
  • Grilled Market Salad with Chicken A-La-Carte: $14.35
  • Southwest Veggie Wrap: $16.66
  • Chick-fil-A 8 Nugget Meal: $12.63

These packaged meals ensure that your guests have a well-rounded meal without the stress of individual orders. With competitive pricing and delicious options, Chick-Fil-A’s catering menu makes event planning simpler and more enjoyable.

2. Understanding Chick-Fil-A Catering Menu Prices

Chick-Fil-A Catering Menu Prices are designed to cater to various budgets while maintaining high quality. The pricing structure is influenced by several factors such as portion sizes, ingredients, and preparation methods. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect:

Portion Sizes

Chick-Fil-A offers multiple portion sizes to accommodate different group sizes. For instance:

  • Chicken Nugget Trays:
  • Small (64 pieces) for $33 (pickup)
  • Medium (120 pieces) for $58.50
  • Large (200 pieces) for $96.50.
  • Chicken Sandwich Trays:
  • 10 sandwiches for $42.90
  • 25 sandwiches for $107.25
  • 50 sandwiches for $214.50.


High-quality ingredients impact the prices. Items like the Grilled Market Salad ($69.50 for Small, $173.75 for Medium, $347.50 for Large) feature fresh produce and premium grilled chicken.

Preparation Methods

Some items require more preparation time and specialized cooking techniques which can affect their prices.

Tips for Budget-Friendly Chick-Fil-A Catering Orders

To create a budget-friendly catering order without sacrificing quality, consider these strategies:

  1. Mix and Match Trays: Combine different tray sizes to match your guest count efficiently. For example, pairing a small Chicken Nugget Tray with a medium Grilled Sandwich Tray can provide variety without overspending.
  2. Opt for Packaged Meals: Packaged meals often come at a discounted rate compared to ordering items individually:
  • Chicken Sandwich packaged meal ranges from $2.49 to $9.42.
  • Southwest Veggie Wrap packaged meal is priced between $4.12 and $12.20.
  1. Prioritize Popular Items: Focusing on popular menu items like the Chicken Biscuit ($3.99) or Greek Yogurt Parfait ($4.75) ensures satisfaction without breaking the bank.
  2. Utilize Seasonal Promotions: Check if Chick-Fil-A is running any seasonal promotions or discounts that can help lower your overall cost.

Understanding these price structures and implementing these tips can help you make informed decisions when planning your next event with Chick-Fil-A catering services.

3. Customization and Special Requests

When it comes to Chick-Fil-A Customizable Catering Packages, there’s a good degree of flexibility to tailor the menu to your event’s specific needs. Chick-Fil-A understands that every event is unique, and they offer various options for customization.

Customization Options

  • Menu Item Selection: You can choose from a range of items across different categories such as breakfast, entrees, salads and wraps, sides and treats, drinks, and packaged meals. This allows you to mix and match different types of food to suit the preferences of your guests.
  • Portion Sizes: Depending on your guest count, you can adjust portion sizes by selecting small, medium, or large trays. For example:
  • Chicken Nuggets Tray: Small (64 pieces), Medium (120 pieces), Large (200 pieces)
  • Salads: Available in Small, Medium, and Large sizes
  • Dietary Preferences: Chick-Fil-A offers options that cater to various dietary restrictions. Items like the Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap or Market Salad are great choices for guests looking for healthier or low-calorie options.

Special Requests

Chick-Fil-A also accommodates special requests to an extent. Here are some possibilities:

  • Ingredient Substitutions: While Chick-Fil-A’s core recipes are typically fixed, minor ingredient substitutions might be possible upon request.
  • Customized Packaging: For events needing individual servings, such as corporate meetings or school functions, Chick-Fil-A can package meals individually instead of in bulk trays.

Restrictions and Additional Charges

While customization is generally available, there are certain restrictions:

  • Menu Limitations: Some items may not be available for customization due to their preparation methods or ingredient constraints.
  • Additional Charges: Customizations may incur extra costs. For instance:
  • Special packaging requests
  • Ingredient substitutions that involve premium ingredients

When placing your order, it’s advisable to discuss your specific needs with the catering manager at your local Chick-Fil-A restaurant. They can provide detailed information on what’s feasible and any associated costs.

The ability to customize ensures that your catering order aligns perfectly with the nature of your event while taking into account guest preferences and dietary requirements.

4. How to Place Your Chick-Fil-A Catering Order

Placing a Chick-Fil-A catering order is easy and convenient, with options to suit different preferences and needs. Whether you prefer ordering online or in-person, the process is designed to be user-friendly.

Ordering Online

  1. Visit the Website: Head to the Chick-Fil-A Catering page.
  2. Select Your Location: Enter your zip code to find nearby Chick-Fil-A locations that offer catering services.
  3. Browse the Menu: Explore the extensive catering menu, including breakfast items, entrees, salads, wraps, sides, treats, drinks, and packaged meals.
  4. Customize Your Order: Choose your desired items and customize them as needed. Adjust portion sizes and add any special requests.
  5. Review and Confirm: Check your order details thoroughly before placing it. Confirm the date and time for pickup or delivery.
  6. Payment: Complete the payment process using your preferred method.

Ordering In-Person

  1. Visit a Local Store: Locate your nearest Chick-Fil-A using their store locator.
  2. Consult with Staff: Speak with a team member about your catering needs. They can assist in selecting menu items and customizing your order.
  3. Place Your Order: Provide all necessary details including quantity, customization preferences, and desired pickup or delivery time.
  4. Payment: Make the payment at the store using cash, card, or other accepted methods.

Delivery Details

Chick-Fil-A offers delivery services for catering orders to ensure convenience:

  • Delivery Charges: A standard fee of $6 is applied to delivery orders. This fee may vary based on location and order size.
  • Delivery Time Slots: Select an available time slot for delivery when placing your order online or in-store. Ensure you schedule it well in advance to secure your preferred time.
  • Order Minimums: Some locations might have a minimum order requirement for delivery services. Verify this information with your local Chick-Fil-A.

By understanding these steps and options, you can seamlessly place a Chick-Fil-A catering order tailored to your event’s needs.

5. Customer Support and Additional Resources

When planning your Chick-Fil-A catering event, having access to reliable customer support is crucial. Chick-Fil-A offers multiple channels through which you can reach their support team for any catering-related queries or issues.

Contact Channels:

  • Phone Support: For immediate assistance, you can contact Chick-Fil-A’s customer service at 1 (866) 232-2040. This line is dedicated to helping you with any questions or concerns about your catering orders.
  • Official Website: Visit the Chick-Fil-A official website to explore the full catering menu, view prices, and place orders online. The website also features a comprehensive FAQ section that addresses common questions about catering services.
  • Mobile App: Download the Chick-Fil-A mobile app, available on both iOS and Android platforms. The app provides a seamless experience for ordering catering services, tracking your order status, and accessing exclusive deals.
  • Social Media Accounts: Stay updated with the latest offerings and promotions by following Chick-Fil-A on their social media platforms:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Additional Resources:

  • Catering FAQs: The FAQ section on the official website covers a wide range of topics, from menu options to delivery details. It’s a valuable resource for both new and returning customers.
  • Nutritional Information: If you have guests with dietary restrictions or preferences, Chick-Fil-A provides detailed nutritional information for all menu items on their website. This can help you make informed decisions when selecting your catering spread. For more information on understanding nutritional information, refer to this resource.
  • Location Finder: Use the location finder tool on the website to locate the nearest Chick-Fil-A restaurant that offers catering services. This tool ensures you find convenient pick-up or delivery options.

Leveraging these resources will help ensure your catering experience with Chick-Fil-A is smooth and enjoyable. By staying informed and connected through these channels, you can effortlessly manage your event’s catering needs. If you’re interested in learning more about the impact of good customer support on businesses, this study provides valuable insights.


Exploring the Chick-Fil-A Catering Menu and Price Guide offers you a plethora of options to suit any event. From delicious breakfast items to savory entrees, refreshing salads, wraps, and an assortment of sides and treats, there’s something for everyone. Beverage choices cater to all preferences, ensuring your guests stay refreshed throughout the occasion.

Whether you’re hosting a small gathering or a large celebration, Chick-Fil-A’s catering services provide quality meals at reasonable prices. The flexibility in menu customization allows you to adapt to dietary needs and preferences, adding a personal touch to your event.

For a hassle-free ordering experience, utilize Chick-Fil-A’s online platform or mobile app. Their dedicated customer support is always ready to assist with any queries or special requests.

Make your next event memorable by choosing Chick-Fil-A catering. Dive into their diverse menu options today and create an unforgettable culinary experience for your guests.

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