Welcome to Mimi Cooking, a celebration of flavors, a storybook of recipes, and a testament to the art of home cooking. I am Nadia Tabassum, the creator of this culinary space and an impassioned amateur chef who believes that every meal has a tale and every kitchen is a sanctuary of creation.

Hello and Welcome to Mimi Cooking!

As a child, my days were peppered with the aromatic blend of spices wafting through our home and the harmonious clinking of cookware in motion.

These early symphonies of flavor and sound kindled within me a love for the kitchen—a love that grew into a lifelong passion for crafting meals that resonate with heart and heritage.

Originally hailing from a family that runs our own local diner, I grew fond of cooking thanks to my grandpa, who, to this day, is my best teacher, helping me create exceptional dishes out of mundane ingredients.

It was also here, within the warmth of family gatherings and overbubbling pots of comfort food, that I learned cooking is more than technique—it’s an expression of love.

Mimi Cooking is my homage to that tradition. As an amateur chef, I prioritize the experience of cooking as something accessible and pleasurable.

This website is not just about showcasing recipes—it’s about inviting you into a world where cooking is an approachable art form, a necessary reprieve, and a means to create lasting memories.

Crafting a dish, to me, is like telling a story. With every stovetop narration and oven-baked tale, I strive for that perfect balance of flavors where each ingredient has a voice.

This website serves as my narrative device, from photographed step-by-step guides to stories behind recipes that give them context and life.

I have relished the experience of cooking through various chapters of my life, adapting and improvising, learning that flexibility and creativity are as essential to a dish’s success as the ingredients themselves.

In my kitchen, failures are embraced as springboards for innovation, and each conquered challenge is a new flavor or technique added to my cooking repertoire.

Mimi Cooking possesses a spirit of exploration and learning. As I share this journey with you, I invite you to celebrate the simplicity in the peel of an apple, the rush of steam from a boiling pot, the sizzle of garlic in oil.

These everyday symphonies inspire my approach to the culinary arts—a portrayal of basic cooking techniques complemented with a flair for experimentation.

My experience in the kitchen has shaped Mimi Cooking into a space where novice cooks can find solace in simple, foolproof recipes and seasoned chefs can seek inspiration for their next gastronomic endeavor.

The heart of Mimi Cooking lies in the belief that anyone can become a great cook with a dash of patience, a sprinkle of curiosity, and a generous helping of enthusiasm.

Nadia Tabassum | Mimi’s Cooking